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Learning numbers is funny Lite
Update time 2022/09/12
Here is another toddler learning application that has many attributes parents look for- attractive, colorful and attention grabbing pictures/graphics, a soft and soothing voice that is clear and easy to understand, clean and user friendly UI, and designed with a very clever and engaging concept for teaching numbers. I, as the parent, thought this app was going to be very promising before downloading based on the reviews and details, and it could have been perfect for my 3 yr old... if, however, it was actually "free". I would have no problem purchasing the full version, but since I have no way of making online transactions, we were only able to do so little of what the whole app offers -which wasn't even close to what I thought we would get (I thought at the least we could have access to all numbers from 1-10). Maybe I didn't catch that part when reading through the details, but regardless, I found it disheartening for my son and a waste of space and data for me. My son was very interested and motivated by the few activities included in this version, and wanted to learn more but unfortunately it cut him off before he could really gain any significant knowledge. I really don't like the fact that it previews all the things that could be done if you pay. How are children supposed to understand that? That point aside, For those who CAN pay, this is a good choice if you want to introduce numbers to your toddler/young child in a fun, unique way. To the developers- great work, awesome idea and effective concept... But maybe add more opportunities in this version for parents who can't pay for the full. I would definitely reinstall and recommend to my friends. Thanks.
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